WINNER OF THE 2017 NEW york big book award

WINNER OF 2018 best multicultural novel - National indie excellence

winner 2018 best multicultural novel -  Independent Press Award

finalist 2018 best sci-fi novel - cygnus award

Distinguished favorite sci-FI novel - Independent Press Award


When you are Black in America, Time Travel can be Deadly.

As a black college student in the rural West Virginia town of Selah Station, Kenia Dezy already feels out of place. But when an unexplained phenomenon starts transporting her back to pre-civil rights 1953, Kenia finds herself woven into a tapestry of racial triumphs and tragedies. Kenia begins to unravel secrets that powerful men would rather keep hidden, even if it means massacring an entire town through an industrial disaster. At the intersection of race, gender, class, and privilege, Kenia must navigate a community and a country wresting with its past, present, and future identities.


Know that your purchase of The Selah Branch will go to support the following nonprofit organizations focused on the betterment of communities of color and opportunities for children and families from traditionally marginalized communities.

Creating Your Success Inc. (CURS): Creating Your Success, Incorporated (CURS), based in Atlanta Georgia, has a mission to assist youth reach their post high school graduation goals, by facilitating career counseling services and life skills workshops. Through their work they hope to give youth access to information, opportunities, and resources available for them to achieve their career goals. CURS (pronounced: “cures”) strives to inspire, educate, uplift, and provide tools to promote change and growth within each youth participant. You can find out more by looking them up on Facebook or at

 Atlantic Street Center: Based in Seattle Washington for over 100 years, Atlantic Street Center has provided leadership in educational, school/community relations, case management services, homelessness, gang prevention and intervention, family support and mental health services to vulnerable communities of color in Seattle. The direct service staff provide a variety of academic, youth development, early literacy, mental health, and family support services to more than 3,000 children and their family members each year. For more information visit

 Georgia State University: In the form of scholarships for African American students. Georgia State University has one of the highest rates of students who are the first in their family to attend college and has a variety of scholarships for students of color studying an array of majors in undergraduate and graduate programs. As a recipient of a scholarship to the Georgia State J. Mack Robinson College of Business as well as the 2013 MLK Torch of Peace Award, it’s this author’s wish to “pay it forward” to support the next generation of graduates.