Elk Riders Vol. 1-5 (for kindle): The Complete Series


Elk Riders Vol. 1-5 (for kindle): The Complete Series


Elk Riders has received starred reviews from Kirkus which called the series "grand," "brilliant," and "visionary." It has won the Jim Barnes Moonbeam Award for Children's Literature and a 5 STAR Review from Readers Favorite. 

The Elk Riders Complete Collection includes the full Elk Riders series, beginning with the adventures of Gabriella and her brother Dameon and following the wanderings of Adamantus as he joins Haille Hillbourne and his band of misfits and outcasts as the burden of saving the realm from resurgent, dark forces falls upon their shoulders. 

The award winning series has found devoted followings among fans of middle grade adventure, middle grade fantasy, and middle grade fiction. Lovers of young adult adventure books, young adult fantasy books, and young adult fantasy series will not be disappointed.

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Praise for the Elk Riders Series 

From Kirkus on volumes 1-5: 

“A fantasy built on divine, chaotic action and written with immense heart.” Kirkus Reviews 

“The start of what promises to be a tumultuous, visionary fantasy series.” Kirkus Reviews 

“Fans accustomed to the author’s lilting, evocative prose won’t be disappointed.” Kirkus Reviews 

“Neill’s prose is stately and hypnotic.” Kirkus Reviews 

“[The] Elk Riders series is yet another blueprint for writing taut, exhilarating fantasy.” Kirkus Reviews 

“Neill continues to cut a unique swath through the epic-fantasy genre.” Kirkus Reviews 


From Amazon Readers volumes 1-5: 

“This series was a great sci-fi adventure! We have an interesting cast of characters and the author does a great job world-building.” Amazon Reader 

“A joy to read. The story line and characters are extremely well described and keep you interested reading through.” Amazon Reader 

“When given the choice, I go for box sets. The "Elk Riders" series didn't disappoint. Being able to read all the books in succession was a great treat, not having to wait for the next book to see what happens. Wonderful storyline, with lots of twists to keep my interest, a diverse array of characters, lots of adventure, suspense and fantasy and wonderful descriptions. Great series for all fantasy/sci-fi genre lovers.” Amazon Reader 

“I’m not usually into novels like this, but I found myself drawn into the world and the characters of these five volumes. I wanted to continue reading and see where the story lead as I read because I was wanting to find out more and meet new characters. This collection did not disappoint and I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.” Amazon Reader 

“I loved the story, it pulled me in from the beginning and never let go — I've never read anything by Ted Neill before, but I'll definitely be checking out his other work. Thanks for the great read!” Amazon Reader 

“This wonderful tome is a classic adventure, much like the tales of old, once told by the likes of Robert Louis Stevenson, Robert E. Howard, and J.R.R. Tolkien.” Amazon Reader 

“I am nearly speechless with glee that Neill once again doesn't disappoint with his unabashedly honest portrayal of the human condition and its many beautiful faults that again makes his characters so real.” Amazon Reader 

“I do hope Neill takes on a new adventure and brings more of his craft to the bookstore. He is by far one of my favorite authors. He has a great career ahead of him!” Amazon Reader 

“I've really enjoyed the Elk Riders collection . . . The stories are entertaining, fast-paced, and full of well-developed and beloved characters.” Amazon Reader