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GOLD MEDAL WINNER Best Multicultural Book E-Lit Awards - 2019

SILVER MEDAL WINNER Best YA Book Nautilus Awards - 2018

DISTINGUISHED FAVORITE Independent Press Book Award - 2019

FIVE STAR REVIEW from Readers' Favorite - 2019


A princess trapped in a high tree and a brash young man determined to “rescue” her; a devoted daughter searching for a magical spring to save her ailing father; a teenage girl who is forced to replace her mobile phone with a machete to protect her family from zombies—all their stories interweave in a stirring alchemy set in a rich African backdrop. Ted Neill moves readers from folktale to action, comedy to cosmology, rural to urban, material to spiritual, with the ease of a master storyteller, crafting an adventure along the way that will appeal to the head, the heart, and the soul.

Before becoming a writer, Ted Neill worked in Global Health and Education. These stories were inspired when Neill was volunteering and living at an orphanage for HIV+ children in Nairobi Kenya. He wrote Jamhuri, Njambi, & Fighting Zombies when the children requested stories featuring people and places that reflected their own culture and their own world.

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Please Consider Supporting: These organizations are all ones the author knows well. They lift up the kind of children who inspired Jamhuri, Njambi & Fighting Zombies.  

GrassROOTS & 1000 Black Girl Books https://grassrootscommunityfoundation.org/ GrassROOTS Community Foundation (GCF) is a public health and social action organization that invests in community members’ collective well-being, so that they can use their health and energy to transform themselves, their families and communities. GCF supports, develops and scales health and wellness programs for women and girls, particularly those who are impoverished. They also advocate for policies and practices that foster equity and reduce disparities. They are a proud collaborator with #1000BlackGirlBooks, an initiative started by Marley Dias when she was in sixth grade to promote books in which black girls are the main characters. https://grassrootscommunityfoundation.org/1000-black-girl-books-resource-guide/  

Little Rock ECD Center http://littlerockkenya.org/newsite/ Little Rock is situated close to the heart of Nairobi, Kenya. Little Rock was founded by Lilly Oyare in response to the lack of services and community supporting children living with a range of disabilities such as cerebral palsy, visual/hearing impairment, developmental delays, or other special needs. Little Rock mainstreams special needs children alongside normal learners, helping to erase stigma as well as creating an inclusive community that benefits all. Little Rock provides professional development training for teachers in special education as well as numerous emotional and educational supports to parents.  

Harlem Children’s Zone https://hcz.org/  HCZ’s mission is to give kids the individualized support they need to get to and through college and become productive, self-sustaining adults. This goal is difficult and complex, so HCZ begins work at birth and helps kids every step of the way until college graduation. They accomplish this through a holistic focus on exceptional education, social services, family support, health, and community-building programs. HCZ uses data to constantly evolve and improve, creating inspirational success stories that are shining examples of what can be done when science and compassion are brought together for measurable results and lasting impact.