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If you would like to receive advance chapters, previews of upcoming but unpublished work, write reviews, be a beta reader, or even join our "street team" to spread word of good books and/or good organizations doing work related to social justice, please send an email to TENEBRAYPRESS@YAHOO.COM with the subject JOINING STREET TEAM.

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As a thank-you for joining the mailing list, we’ll send you 5 free short stories from Ted Neill's Bunny Man’s Bridge. They are fanciful, strange, and twisted (a bit like their author).

Finally, your honest reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and any other online platforms really matter. They help bring credibility to independently published writers and provide potential readers with information that helps them discover new books. Always a plus. Keep reading and keep dreaming of a better world.


“When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.”    


Please don’t forget to support:

Atlantic Street Center

Black Lives Matter

Equal Justice Initiative

Human Rights Campaign

Little Rock Early Childhood Development Center in Nairobi, Kenya

The Recovery Cafe


Soldier's Heart